Hedon Rock Tours is designed for climbers, by climbers.

We take care of all the climbing trip logistics, including food, transportation and a comfortable place to sleep.

You worry about sending, we’ll take care of the rest. 


There’s no need to worry about expensive car rentals! We will be travelling between each destination in comfortable company vehicles. The majority of climbing days we offer two different shuttles to the crag so you get to climb at your convenience. 


This is an authentic camping climbing trip which means we’ll hanging out at beautiful campgrounds. We provide all camping gear including comfortable mattresses to insure that you get a comfortable sleep. Our trips are bookended with hostel accommodation.  


It is important to eat well on those long climbing days. We provide home cooked meals for breakfast and dinner. Since everyone has their personal preferences for crag snacks, each climber will be required to buy their own food for lunches… and beer, we can’t forget the beer.

Choose your adventure! With three packages to choose from, you get to climb the locations that appeal the most. From The Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, we have chosen the best climbing destinations in the West. Each location offers incredible climbing in amazing settings. We provide everything you need for a fun and stress free climbing trip!

Our base packages are ‘Self-Guided’ – these are appropriate for experienced climbers that can safely climb independently.

We also offer guided services for those climbers that are newer to the sport, would like instruction, or would like to be guided up a particular objective. Prices vary based on the desired level of guiding.