Common Climbing Trip Questions

What types of climbing will be on the tour?

Our focus is on Sport and Traditional climbing. Most destinations, but not all, have traditional climbing so there will be opportunity to place gear. Squamish is the only location that offers bouldering.

Multi-pitch Climbing: Some locations present the opportunity to get high off the ground. It is required that you have the knowledge and experience to climb multi-pitch routes in a safe and efficient manner. You are responsible for your own safety. 

If you would like to arrange a guide for instruction or to help you climb a particular objective, we will coordinate this. Any added guided services are an additional cost.  

What equipment will I need?

Don’t worry about hauling ropes across the border, we have everything you need to climb! We have an extensive set of well maintained climbing gear. We have many ropes, quickdraws, traditional gear and even helmets to reduce baggage fees and simplify travelling. We recommend bringing your own shoes and harness to insure comfort.  

Who is best suited for Hedon Rock Tours?

Our tours are appropriate for beginner and experienced climbers of all ages. Anyone under the age of 19 will need to be accompanied by a guardian; one guardian will suffice for youth groups.

Experienced climbers will be left to climb under their own supervision at each location. You should be able to take a guide book and navigate a climbing area on your own and have a great day of climbing. Your level of climbing is of little importance but we do recommend that you are able to climb around the low to mid 10 level in the YDS (FR 6a, AUS 19). This is to insure that you have a variety of routes to choose from at each destination in order to get the most out of the tour.

For beginner climbers – We are happy to include guides on our tours. Whether it be for instruction or to be guided up a particular objective we can accommodate your needs. Guided packages are more expensive than self-guided, the expense would be split between the group.

How many people are on each tour?

Our tours can accommodate up to 8 guests. With 2 staff per tour we like to keep group sizes small for a more intimate and personalized experience. Group rates are available if you’d like to book out a whole trip. 

Do I need to bring a partner?

Hedon Rock Tours is set up perfectly for the solo traveler. With up to 7 other guests on tour there will always be someone to give you a belay.

Do you offer group bookings?

Our tours are perfect for groups! With group bookings you have the freedom to customize your trip however you like. You get to choose what crags you’d like to visit and which locations you’d like to spend the most time in. You can also include other activities like hiking, biking or rafting! Group discounts may also be offered. Inquire for details!

What languages do you operate in?

Our tour leaders are fluent in English only. It is recommended that you have some ability to communicate in English for a better experience. A group with a foreign first language can participate as long as they have one participant that can translate.

What locations do you operate in?

Our primary operations are in Western Canada: Canmore/Kananaskis, Banff/Lake Louise, Revelstoke, Skaha Lake, and Squamish.